Saturday, January 5, 2013

Birthday time.

Yesterday was my daughter's birthday. Yes, that's right, a birthday 10 days after Christmas. But I always try to make sure that it is a special day set apart. Not a Birthday/Christmas double duty gift day. That's just mean. No one hands a July birthday kid a present that is both their Birthday/Christmas gift. And if they give them school supplies for their birthday, then there is something really wrong with the Giver. (I LOVE school supplies, but that is not a birthday gift!)

We had donuts for breakfast. With pink sprinkles, of course!

Presents wrapped in pink wrapping paper, (not leftover Christmas wrapping paper), appeared throughout the house during the day.

I didn't tell her that it was there. I waited for her to discover it. :) It was a Magic 8 Ball. She really loved it!

She asked it if there were more presents, and no joke, this is what it said:

HA!!!! :) Of course, a few more showed up.

Birthday Girl chose where we went to dinner. She picked Chili's, because she knew they clapped and brought you a special sundae. She wore her Birthday Girl sash so they would know. :)

Don't worry! She shared. :)

Her actual party with friends will be next weekend. That way she can hand out invitations at school after Christmas Break is over. I'm sure they would have gotten lost or forgotten if they had been handed out before Christmas Break. It was a fun day! :)

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