Saturday, January 5, 2013

Getting back to regular life.

Today was a good day. The temperature actually made it above freezing! I went for a run outside. It was glorious! Okay, maybe not glorious, but definitely good. It was a little like an obstacle course, weaving around the ice on the almost-dry streets, hopping over piles of snow. But it was nice to get out of the house and feel the sun on my skin. And, hopefully, start to work off some of the Christmas goodies that seem to have found their way to my midsection. I used to think that people running in cold weather were crazy. Even crazier than just runners. But it turns out that once you get going, you're not cold. In fact, I think I sweat even more, because I'm wearing a sweatshirt over my usual running get-up. I wish that sweat really was liquid fat melting away, but it is just fluid that has to be replaced. Make sure you drink your water!

This afternoon, the kids asked if they could have donuts. There were still some leftover from yesterday's birthday breakfast. I made them each do a chore first. To earn their donut. Then, tonight, while cruising Pinterest, I happened upon this gem! An Uh Oh Bucket! There are always a toy or two laying around and this is the perfect solution. :) You get a big plastic bin and fill it with whatever gets left laying around. To get the items back, the kids have to do a chore! I love it! Larissa over at Just Another Day in Paradise created a cute printable to attach to your Uh Oh Bucket. I printed my copy out already and will be purchasing a bucket in the morning. Christmas toys and birthday toys seem to be popping up everywhere. And it is also a good way to get the kids used to doing more chores.

I finished reading Gathering Blue, today. The companion book to The Giver. It is definitely not a sequel in the traditional sense. None of the characters are the same and it is set in a different community. Much closer to a dystopian society. A slower read, too. But I enjoyed it. Some of the reviews complained about all the descriptions of how to dye threads with natural dyes from plants. But I really loved those parts and it got me thinking about trying it myself. But not until summer. I just think it would be fun to have something that I not only made myself, but actually dyed myself.

January 5th: Miles run: 6.5. Books read: 2. BBC Top 100 List: 34

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