Friday, January 11, 2013

Party Time!!!

Tomorrow is the big day, Birthday Party Day!!! I'm busy cleaning the house and getting everything ready for the party. I've found some fun ideas on Pinterest that I can't wait to try. Katie got a Hello Kitty Popcorn machine for Christmas. We are going to use it to make Party Popcorn. :) She Wears Many Hats used white candy melts, but we're going to use pink. If you've met Katie, you already knew that we were going to use pink. There is no question, the candy melts will be pink and so will everything else!

We went to Target to pick up the party supplies and so Katie could use her birthday money from Grandma. She got a few items from the dollar section. A pink microphone for her and a blue microphone for Matthew. The last thing the-loudest-person-I-know needed was a microphone, but it was her money and I let her spend it the way she wanted. Seriously, she does not possess an "inside voice". She got a few other things, but the one I wanted to tell you about is a Barbie Convertible. So? Those have been around forever? Okay, maybe not forever, but still. The reason I'm so excited is that they are on sale at Target. Not a little fake 50 cents off sale, but almost half off!! Regularly, $19.99, it was $10.49! And the second part to my weird excitement is that it is a great Elf on the Shelf prop! Especially since I got Clyde a girl elf friend. I know this year's elf season just ended, (and maybe some of you are happy that it has), but I love Elf on the Shelf and it doesn't hurt to think of a few new ideas when the pressure is off.

We are having donuts instead of a cake, but if I had seen this earlier, we would be having cake! This cake is so cute!!! Rainbow colored cake pops baked into a white cake!!! Where has this been my whole life?! And cake pop pans are available everywhere now. And on clearance at Micheal's. At least the Christmas colored ones are. And who cares what color the pan is?! I'm probably going to find a reason to make this cake soon, so stay tuned. :)

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