Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A plan for all schedules and budgets.

There are dozens and dozens of sites with great Elf on the Shelf ideas. I'm taking it a step further and combining the elf's activities with activities for you and your family to do together during the holidays. Yes, it'll take a bit more work than just moving your elf each night. But with a little extra planning, (and I've done most of it for you!), you can totally do it! If it seems like too much work, then just pick a few activities. One a week or only on weekends. Or you can just use the ideas for new places to move your elf. No judging! Who knows, I often hatch plans bigger than I can accomplish! But it's worth a try! :) The kids will never know what you decided not to do. Each day is a fun surprise no matter what! 

Our elf is good. Sometimes a bit mischievous, but never BAD. There will be no Dexter-like kill room for Clyde. And he doesn't drink vodka, just syrup! :) I find those pictures hilarious! But only for grown-ups after the kiddos are in bed. He will not be making a copy of his little, red felt butt, either.

If you follow the story, and your elf arrives the morning after Thanksgiving and goes home on Christmas Eve, that means you've got 32 days of places to move/ hide your elf. That's a LOT of places to move your elf and LOTS of activities. Seriously! Who has time for that?!! That's why I'm planning ahead. The list isn't quite finished yet. It'll be here in a few days.

I have tried to make it a good mix of cheap, free, and only slightly expensive activities. I don't know about you, but Santa still hasn't delivered the money tree I keep asking for! Also, many of the days are "school days" when we don't have time to do a big project. My kids don't get off for Winter Break, this year, until Friday the 21st. I'm not going to try and mix homework with baking cookies for the neighbors. That's a good weekend activity. (And if you don't bake, buy cookies for the neighbors! You can still make it an activity by letting the kids pick the cookies out at the store and "wrapping" them for the neighbors.)

Obviously, my plans fit OUR house. Everyone's home is different and each has their own advantages and disadvantages for placing their elf. I live in a ranch style home. Our elf doesn't have the handrail of a staircase to slide down. But he can sit on a little popsicle sled the kids made. We live where it snows, you might live near sand. We can go make a snowman. You could go make a sand-snowman. I've seen some cute ones on Pinterest!

I got all my supplies at either Michael's, Target, WalMart, or the Dollar Tree.  And even some of the Michael's stuff can be swapped out for Dollar Tree stuff. I also take advantage of all the Sunday paper coupons. A $18 craft from Michael's can be turned into a $10.80 craft with a coupon. Or with a Dollar Tree swap, can be turned into a $3 craft. 

All schedules. All budgets. 


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