Thursday, November 29, 2012

Review: Days 1-7

I'm a perfectionist. Sorta! It turns on and off. The perfectionist switch flipped on for Elf on the Shelf for this year. So I worked and worked to plan out a great Elf on the Shelf schedule for this year. The first week didn't quite work out the way I planned, but that's okay. I figured out solutions to the problems that popped up and will be even better prepared for next year. You can download my original schedule. Or just look at what actually happened this week.

Here's a quick recap of the first week:

Day 1: Clyde's arrival!

(Full post for Day 1.)

He showed on on our dining room light, because it's a tradition for us.
And he brought us a North Pole Breakfast! :)

Day 2: Making Ornaments

(Full post for Day 2.)

Clyde showed up in our bookcase with glass doors, holding an ornament that he made with his Christmas list inside.
He left all the supplies we needed to make our own.

Day 3: Hiking through the candy cane forest

(Full post for Day 3.)

Clyde appeared wearing his backpack, hanging among the candy canes.

He told us to go on a hike and collect pine cones.

Day 4: Bird Feeders

(Full post for Day 4.)

Silly Clyde was making a "seed angel".
Seeds to make bird feeders with the pine cones from yesterday's hike. Using peanut butter, of course.

Day 5: Popsicle stick crafts

(Full post for Day 5.)

The kids found Clyde on the Christmas Tree, he was holding a cute, little snowman he had made by painting a jumbo popsicle stick.

We had a great time creating our own versions, (with all the supplies he left).

Day 6: Going to the park

(Full post for Day 6.)

The kids were sick. So, Clyde showed up sick, too.
He left a note telling the kids to get some fresh air at the park. They did! :) they also slept quite well that night.

Day 7: Candyland

(Full post fro Day 7.)

Classic Elf situation: Candyland. It was extra special, because, since moving, our games were still in boxes in the garage.
Clyde got some other games out for the kids to play, too. Monopoly: Star Wars Edition was super popular.

That's week one. Hopefully, we'll all feel better this next week and Clyde's elf shenanigans will go off without a hitch!

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