Monday, November 19, 2012

Elf magic

"Those who don't believe in magic, will never find it." -Roald Dahl

Every Friday, my two youngest only have a half day of school. We've established the tradition of getting Icees at Target after I pick them up. The kids call them Frosty, Freezy, Freezes. (Thanks a lot Fanboy and Chum Chum! And Netflix streaming for making it possible for the kids to watch Fanboy and Chum Chum over and over and over...) This last Friday, after getting their Icees, (half red, half blue), we browsed through the Christmas section. We oohed and awed at all the beautiful decorations, opened the little doors of the advent calendars, and listened to the Christmas CD samples. (We bought the Taylor Swift CD and the Glee Christmas 2 CD. The Glee one is already on repeat in my car! Love it!)

We also passed an Elf on the Shelf display. I opened the cover of a girl elf to show the kids what she looked like. There's a little hole about the size of a quarter in the inner plastic cover so you can pull it open to get your elf out. My 6 year old son stuck his finger in and touched her. I said, "Oh, no! If you touch them, they lose their magic!" He looked a little concerned, but not too bad. We closed her box and put it back on the display and moved on. Two days later, on Sunday, the kids were chatting and my son brought up the elf incident. He had been thinking about it and was worried that some family was going to pick out this cute, little girl elf and she would be a dud with no magic!

We'd never had an elf-touching incident at our house, so the kids didn't know what happened then. But I know that many of you have had an elf-touching incident, (or two), in your homes. And I've seen a couple good solutions for this via Pinterest. Kendra at Southern Disposition has a great one! Her story is funny and adorable! Basically, you e-mail Santa and he snail mails you a letter and some Magic Elf Dust to sprinkle on your elf so he/she can get their magic back and return to the North Pole. He/she does have to stay in place until the Magic Elf Dust appears in the mail, but apparently, Santa's mail service is very quick and even works on Sundays! ;) So, I reassured my kids that there are things you can do to bring back an elf's magic. I hope their worries are over. :)

Pam at Over the Big Moon has a whole Elf Magical Recovery Kit including printables! A certificate of health from the North Pole should hopefully calm your child's worries and bring the magic back to your house!

I know accidents can happen, but there are some things you can do so they are less likely to happen.  If you think it might be too much of  a temptation for your child to not touch your elf, then consider having your elf only appear in places out of reach. Some of the fun, cute ideas of where to put your elf make it difficult to go about your day. How are the kids going to brush their teeth if your elf is using the bathroom sink to take a marshmallow bath?! So, I try to avoid those. Especially since our house in Oregon only had one bathroom! Now, you are prepared if one of those accidents happen!


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