Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 6: Going to the park

Now, all three kids are home sick! But it's nice outside and and the park is just down the street. So, at some point today, we'll all get dressed and get some fresh air. Clyde was going to be hanging from a homemade tire swing. A toy-tire swing that is! Hanging from the ceiling by gray striped baker's twine. Because I love baker's twine and will find any reason to use it. :) I want to eventually have it in every color!

Anyways, since the kids are sick, Clyde decided to be sympathetic and crashed out on Matthew's little couch.

He's got a little medicine cup and some cough drops. And a band-aid. "Why a band-aid?" Why not? :) He's on a pillow of cotton balls and has a kleenex blanket. I hope Clyde gets better soon. And I definitely hope the kids get better soon!

They really enjoyed making the popsicle stick ornaments and kept making more. They want to make even more today!

And some random good news: Last year, I got the cutest gingerbread chalets from Trader Joe's. But there isn't a Trader Joe's in Flagstaff. The closest one is in Prescott. Which isn't close at all! :( Luckily, hubby had to go to Phoenix for work and is going to stop by TJs and is going to get them!!! Yay!!!! Plus, I asked him to get a bunch of extra TJs paper bags. Their Christmas ones are amazing! The front and back are printed with gift tags and the sides are printed with patterned strips to make a cute paper chain.

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