Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day 10 - Snow forts.

What a mess! Ginger was teaching Clyde how to build a snow fort, but then they ended up getting into a snow ball fight.

They made quite a mess on the kitchen counter! :D

Clyde hit Ginger's hat, but Ginger got Clyde in the face!

The kids wanted to eat the marshmallows! I bought one bag of the Jumbo marshmallows, but I probably should have bought two bags. One bag of minis was plenty, though. I had more than half a bag left over of the minis after dumping a bunch all over the counter and in their snow forts.

The one stuck on Clyde's face and the one stuck on Ginger's hat are both half marshmallows. I bit it in half, licked the inside to make it even stickier, and stuck it on. Just a warning though, the one on Ginger's hat was hard to remove and clean up. The marshmallow stuck to the felt really well! The one on Clyde's face came off easily and any extra bits washed right off with a wet paper towel. So, my recommendation is "yes" for the face or any part of the plastic head, but  "no" on the felt hat or body. The "dust" from the marshmallows came off really easy, so don't worry about that. :)

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