Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 9 - Sack Race

Matthew was very worried this morning! He couldn't find Clyde! Dan got up and helped him look all around to find our little elf. They slowly worked their way through the house and checked under and over and around each little thing. Then... Yay!!! Matthew found him! And a few other friends. :)

I didn't think he was too hidden, but I guess Matthew didn't think to look behind the couch. We have a nice walkway space between the couch and the wall and I thought it would be a good spot to have a sack race, because it would be out of the way. But I also thought it would be pretty easy to spot. He was quite relieved to see that Clyde hadn't abandoned us.

The sack race was fun and easy. I got the idea here. She weighed down her sacks with candy canes, but I didn't need to weigh mine down. I guess it depends on the toys you use.

BIG WARNING! If you are planning to do this one, please, please, please, get your sacks ready when the kids aren't home! The sound the bags make when you fold them is ridiculously loud! Thankfully, my kids are really deep sleepers, but I was worried with every crinkle! Also, it's kinda hard to do. The bags will rip a little, but that's no big deal. The rips will get rolled under and not show when you are done rolling. Each bag was rolled to a slightly different height to accommodate the size of the "person" inside it. You can't see him from this angle, but there is a tiny Bigfoot in the back and his bag had to be rolled down quite a bit.

The sock monkeys made another appearance. I knew they'd be a great addition to this year. :) I love how Clyde's position seems to show a bit of desperation! But Ginger is just breezing to the end.

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