Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 8 - Ginger!

This morning, there was quite a surprise in our house! Clyde showed up with a friend! A girl elf!

His note said, "My friend Ginger wanted to visit your new house. I thought this car was perfect for a tour." 

When we packed up in Flagstaff, I specifically labeled the box with the Barbie car in it. Yesterday, I hunted it down and opened it. It had the kids slippers in it too, so there was a legitimate reason to open it. ;) Katie found her Barbie car and placed it nicely in her room. After she fell asleep, I tiptoed in there and stole it. :D

The kids have been hoping that we could get a girl elf, too. I secretly bought her last year after Christmas when all the Elf on the Shelf stuff was on clearance at Barnes & Noble. I haven't decided yet what kind of shenanigans these two will get into together, but it definitely won't be "Wrecking Ball" style! I love all the fun, naughty elf scenes that other bloggers put together, (especially at Lil Blue Boo, so, SO funny!), but ours will stay G rated. Back to Lil Blue Boo, she even used felt to make him a little outfit! I told you felt could be useful! ;) 

I decided to name the girl elf myself. I wanted her to have a Christmas-y name. I went back and forth on a few, but settled on Ginger. It's a real name, a spice that is associated with Christmas, and not a word I would use a lot, e.g. Cookie or Peppermint. I think it suits her quite well!

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