Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 4 - Ugly Christmas Sweater! (And chocolate!)

You doesn't love a good Christmas sweater?! Clyde found an awesome one! (At Fred Meyer. It was a Christmas ornament, but I thought it looked delightfully elf-sized!)

Yesterday, after church, we went to the Outlet mall in Lincoln City. Jillian and I both needed winter coats. She found a good one. I didn't. Anyways, as we wandered through the all the stores, we found a pretty cool kitchen store. It has all sorts of useful gadgets, useless gadgets, and things I never knew existed, but now I absolute NEED! They also had free samples of chocolate covered pretzels, so it's the kids favorite new store. Actually, I thought the kids would hate the kitchen store and I would have approximately 7.8 seconds to look around before they whined us out of there. But the useless gadgets enthralled them and I had all the time in the world to look around!

Besides the free samples and useless gadgets, the cheapo advent calendars with the crappy chocolates inside caught Matthew's eye. He asked in the sweetest, little voice if I could please get him one. I had been looking for a nice permanent one with the little drawers, but I haven't found one I like, yet. By the time we left the store, I had forgotten. But later that night, the hubs and I were killing time at the laundromat, (we had to buy a washer and dryer set for the new house and they haven't been delivered yet), and decided we needed donuts. To the grocery store! The grocery store had a display of cheapo advent calendars and I thought I'd get them and have Clyde deliver them to the kids. (A day late, but who cares? CHOCOLATE!!!!)

Matthew woke me up the next morning with the widest of eyes!

M: "Remember that thing with the numbers and the chocolate?"

Me: "What?" (It's good to fake ignorance to help the magic. ;) )

M: "That thing with the chocolate at the kitchen store that I asked you to get me."

Me: "Oh yeah, sorry bud! I forgot to get it for you."

M: "Now, you don't have to! Clyde got some for us!"

Me: "What?! Really?! Cool!!"

Happiness all around. :)

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