Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 5 - Dashing through the snow!

Okay, okay, there isn't any snow, but sledding is still fun! I have this cute little sled that I painted years ago. I should make some more. They make great Christmas-time knick knacks.I was hoping to put him on the sled on the stairs, but the elves don't sit too well. And I didn't want the kids to find him crashed off the sled at the bottom of the stairs. That wouldn't be a happy elf memory! So, just by the T.V. it is!

In case you can't tell, Instagram is my new favorite thing. It's not new, but using it to display elf pictures is new to me and fun. You can find a bunch of other people's Elf on the Shelf pictures by searching the hashtag #elfontheshelf. It's faster than pinterest. No repeats. Not a link to a list of ideas, just a stream of pictures of elves.  

I also love the filters. You never know which one will make your picture look really good. It's fun to experiment.

Today was the kids' first day at their new schools. So the Hubs and I headed to the beach! Hee hee hee! Okay, it was deathly freezing. I was seriously worried about my fingers, (I now keep gloves in my purse). But I got some really nice photos! That makes it worth it, right?

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