Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 2 - Hauling tree

During the move, some of the older boxes that we never unpacked while living in Flagstaff ended up in the kids' rooms. Therefore, they found some old toys they hadn't seen in awhile. Among them were some Tonka trucks and Clyde decided to use one to bring his Christmas tree out.

The kids had been having a lot of fun cruising around the empty living room with these trucks. And I was inspired to use one for Clyde. It was the perfect size! His tree fit in the back and Clyde could "stand" next to it. It worked great! Except Matthew was sad that he couldn't play with his truck for a day. 

I got this tree, (on sale), at Michael's last year. The kids love Clyde's tree! They kept asking if we could decorate it while I was adding decorations to our tree. I told them that Clyde would do his tree on his own. 

P. S. Here's an awesome sunset over the ocean shot, the view from our new living room. 

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