Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 10: Christmas Music Dance Party

The plan for today was to make cookies for the neighbors. Since we're all sick, I don't think that's a good idea. Unless, we really don't like our neighbors. Just kidding! I definitely want to do that at some point, so I just looked over the schedule and swapped it for something easy we could do at home that wouldn't be spreading disease to our poor neighbors.

We never got around to watching the Nutcracker yesterday. So, we're watching it right now, as I type this. Clyde is very understanding of our illness, so with his note today he left a gentle reminder to watch the Nutcracker and then have our own Christmas music dance party.

He stole my ipod! But since I'm definitely not in the condition to go on a run, I'll forgive him. :)

The girls have both taken several years of ballet, so they are into the beautiful, twirling dancers. But Matthew will not be listing this as one of his favorite activities.

He does like to dance, though. I'll try and get a shot of him boogieing down later. :)

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