Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 9: The Nutcracker

When I was in Junior High, all the girls in my church youth group would get dressed up, go out to dinner in downtown Portland, and then go see The Nutcracker ballet. It was so much fun! We all felt so grown-up. It is one of my favorite Christmas time memories. Tchaikovshy's music is so intertwined with Christmas, I thought the kids should see it.

Since they've all been sick and now that I'm sick, it really wasn't feasible for us to go out to the ballet. Enter Netflix! Nutcracker: The Motion Picture from 1986 is available on instant streaming on Netflix. So, all us sickies could cuddle up on the couch at home and enjoy the Nutcracker. I still hope to take at least the girls to a full stage production of The Nutcracker someday. But for this tired, achy, stuffed up mama, the movie is just fine. Where's my blanket? 

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