Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 22: Snow!

We have tons of snow outside and Clyde decided to bring some snow inside. He laid out some "snow" as a tree skirt.

He also left a note suggesting that I get some presents put under the tree. I don't like to start putting out presents too early. That just starts all the speculation and comparison. I don't even put tags on the presents! I use a specific wrapping paper for each child and I don't tell them whose is whose. It tends to keep them from bothering the gifts or complaining that so and so has more or bigger gifts. I love it! And if they ask, I just say I don't know. ;)

Jillian's pine cone bird feeder is now completely covered! Poor, little birds would need a bird-sized snow shovel to get to it now.

A few days ago, Matthew found a free toy in a claw machine. It was just sitting there behind the door-thingy. It was a really nice, well-made, cute bird. The light green Happi Bird. Apparently, there is a series of 6 Happi Birds. I thought it would be fun to try and catch another one for Katie for Christmas. I know! I know! Those machines are a trap to suck away your money. So, I set a limit. $5 bucks. But after $4, Jillian and I both caught one!!! She was in on it with me. :) I caught the purple one and Jillian caught the turquoise one.

 So, then I had the problem, "How do I wrap them?" Good ol' Dollar Tree saved the day! In the mailing supplies section, they have cardboard boxes. 10 x 8 x 6, the perfect size for small to medium stuffed animals. If you have one or two or 1,089 small to medium stuffed animals to wrap this Christmas, head on down to Ye Ol' Dollar Tree and pick up one or two or 1,089 cardboard boxes. :) You're welcome.

They come flat. You might not notice them right away. I just happened to have a packing tape gun lying around to put it together. It's not Christmas without a little packing tape! Hee, hee, hee!

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