Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 21: ELF!!!

Clyde is quite the acrobat! He appeared in our pantry hanging upside down. It was the best angle for him to get at the good stuff: SYRUP!!!

I got this great idea from Lil Blue Boo, (LOVE HER!). Luckily, he's so light that a box of Rice-a Roni could hold him in place. I was worried about the straw sinking too low, but the height of our shelves worked out just right that it could sink all the way in and be at the right level. Regardless, the syrup is thick enough that I could move it to a different position and it would stay.

And we don't have a syrup addiction, we just shop at Sam's Club. That's why there are two huge jugs of Mrs. Butterworth's in our pantry.

Christmas isn't complete without watching this amazing, hilarious movie! ELF!!! Clyde happens to know that Dad is working tonight, so he specifically wrote "with your mom" so that we could watch Elf tonight. I'm sure we'll watch it again with Dad. Just like I'm sure I'll watch Love Actually again this month. Probably while wrapping presents on Christmas Eve. It's kinda become my personal tradition. :)

Yesterday, we finally got around to hanging our homemade bird feeders outside on the giant blue spruce in our front yard. There are actually two giant blue spruces in our front yard. If I could afford to, I'd love to get them covered in Christmas lights. Anyways, we tied lovely Candy Cane striped baker's twine onto the stems of the pine cones and hung them where we could see them from our large picture window near the dining room table.



Again, this was yesterday. This is today.

 This is Jillian's pine cone. It is now resting on the ground! It is still hanging from the same branch that was about 6 feet in the air yesterday. I guess this is Welcome to Flagstaff! School was cancelled and we decided last night to deliver the neighbor's cookies today. Well, it'll be much cuter in the snow! :)

Beautiful giant blue spruce. I hope you have a very, merry White Christmas!

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