Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 14: Rocket ship

They need to have more classes about Human Culture at the North Pole. Our elf has made a few mistakes about objects around our house. The kids think it's funny, though. :)

The "sleeping bag" idea went over so well, that I thought it would be fun to think of another one. Matthew and I had just gone grocery shopping and had purchased frozen fruit for smoothies. When he saw Clyde in the blender, he was quite surprised!

His note says. "I found this cool rocket ship! The seats are kinda pokey and it smells like fruit. Why is it in the kitchen?" (I need a new camera. It doesn't always focus. :( )

Matthew pointed out that the blender couldn't be a rocket, because Clyde's hat stuck out of the top. And if it were a rocket, he'd blow right out of it. Smart, little 6 year old. :)

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