Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 17: Making Gingerbread Houses

Clyde got busy at the North Pole and made a cute little gingerbread house. He brought it with him when he came this morning and brought 3 full size kits for the kids to put to together. They were sooooo excited!!! It was a great Sunday afternoon activity!

The kids were very impressed with Clyde's little gingerbread house. They kept pointing out all the details and chatting about it. They are so cute sometimes! So full of sweet innocence and imagination. I just love listening to their conversations!

They would have been excited to make gingerbread houses no matter what, but when Clyde tells them to do something, WOW!, they cannot wait to do it!

The kids wondered if there is a Trader Joe's at the North Pole. I think there probably is. ;)

Hard at work! I had to mix up the icing and it was really stiff, so I added some milk. It worked perfectly, then.

Adding the sprinkles! Which bounced and flew EVERYWHERE!!! I just let them go at it and when they were all done, I wiped down the table, swept the floor, and went over the floor again with a wet swiffer. Still found sprinkles. Oh, well! They had fun, that's all that matters. :)

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