Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 27: Elf Christmas Tree

Clyde decided our house needed an elf Christmas Tree. He decorated it himself with mini candy canes, mini gift bows, a string of lights, a LOT of tinsel, and personalized ornaments. He got a little wrapped up in his work.

The tree is from Michael's. I need to stop going there. I keep buying things that were never on my list! I saw these trees and was inspired. They were on clearance for $3.49. You can choose from a red felt base or a burlap base. The burlap ones are really cute, but Clyde thought the red one was more Christmas-y. The string of lights, a bag of tinsel, a package of mini bows, and mini candy canes were all from Dollar Tree. I already had the lights, so out of pocket for the whole thing was $6.49. I think that is pretty awesome!

While waiting in line at Michael's, I saw some personalized ornaments and got sucked in. They were on clearance for 99 cents! How could I just ignore them! Tricky, tricky Michael's! ;)

So, if you add those to the cost of the tree, it goes up to $9.46. But can you put a price on Christmas cheer?!

A friend of mine, her elf is named Tinsel. I kept thinking of him while helping Clyde dump lots of tinsel on the tree. :)

Clyde got a little too into it.

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