Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 30: Magic Reindeer Food

Clyde left us all the ingredients to mix together some magic reindeer food. You know, so the reindeer don't miss our house. ;)

I originally saw the idea on Pinterest. The tomkat studio came up with an adorable printable for bags of reindeer food to pass out to your friends. But I wanted to make it for us and before Christmas Eve, so her printables didn't work for us. Enter my best friend Google, she led me to Organized Home. They had a cute poem that wasn't Christmas Eve specific. They also had cute printables to add to bags of reindeer food, if that's what you plan on doing. Clyde left a note with the poem written on it.

The ingredients were left in cute little ceramic snowflake shaped dishes from Michael's.

Sunflower seeds:
And glitter! No, gold sugar:
The kids were very curious about this one. They couldn't figure out what it was. There are several recipes for Reindeer Food online. But, really, you can put whatever you want! I encourage you to use only edible things for the safety of any critters that might enjoy it. Red and green sprinkles would be a cute addition.

The kids poured all the ingredients together and we have it saved in a plastic container. It is all ready for us to spread in the snow on Christmas Eve. It's supposed to snow again that night. Hopefully, it will and I won't have to go out into the yard to make it look like the reindeer munched away on it.

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