Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 28: Rice Krispie Treat time!

Clyde must have broken a North Pole rule, because he had to write lines this morning. I don't know all of Santa's rules, but, apparently, feeding marshmallows to the reindeer is not allowed. Maybe the reindeer are vegan. ;)

But Clyde knew that it was okay for my kids to have marshmallows, even though I'm a vegetarian. (Psst! Don't tell! But every now and then, I eat marshmallows! They're so delicious!) He got us a box of Rice Krispies and a bag of marshmallows so we could make some rice krispie treats.

Yesterday, Katie wondered why Clyde didn't leave a note. He explained that he got too tangled in tinsel. :)

Don't worry about the fireplace behind him. It isn't working. :( This is very sad. It was -6 this morning. Yep, negative 6.

I got the lines idea from Clearly Candace. She used a chalkboard. I kinda like that idea better than the dry erase board I used, because it is more nostalgic. Old fashion school chalkboards are the best! The other side of our dry erase board IS a chalkboard, but who knows where our chalk is?! I knew where a dry erase marker was, so, there you go.

Do yourself a favor. Grab some of these. Candy Cane flavored Candy Melts.

Melt them down using a make-shift double boiler like this.
These ones didn't melt as smoothly as the chocolate ones, but that's okay. Get a hold of a cookie mold. Plop a spoonful into each mold. Don't worry about smoothing it out.
Tap the mold on the counter and the candy fills in the molds and smooths itself out.
Here's the exciting part! Grab some Oreos and press one in each mold. Viola! You have just created Candy Cane covered Oreos!!! Yummmmmmmmmmm!!!!!
Unfortunately, you have to put them in the refrigerator for a bit. But then you have the best thing ever!!!! :D You're Welcome!

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