Friday, December 7, 2012

Review: Days 8-14

Week 2 in Review!
Even though I was quite sick this week, I did my best to keep the elf magic going. I didn't want to let the magic die. It's too much fun! :)

Day 8: Letters to Santa

(Full post for Day 8.)

This one wasn't so easy. The clothespins were too heavy for the tape holding the ribbon up. I had to keep adding more tape. But if you had a place to tie the ribbon up, it would work really well.

Day 9: The Nutcracker

(Full post for Day 9.)

Oops! I forgot to take a picture. I was so tired! And feverish! The next time the kids are at school, I'll set it up again and get a picture.

Day 10: Christmas Music Dance Party

(Full post for Day 10.)

The stinky, little elf stole my ipod! :)

Who doesn't love Christmas music?

Day 11: Reading a story

(Full post for Day 11.)

Clyde is a friendly, little guy who likes to do things for his friends. Can you believe that some stuffed animals still don't know how to read?!

Day 12: Taking a shower

(Full post for Day 12.)

Apparently, you have to watch your step at the North Pole. Those reindeer have no manners!

Day 13: Elf Sleeping Bag

(Full post for Day 13.)

I guess Clyde had a long trip back from the North Pole. He took a nap in a stocking. Maybe his plane was 39th in line on the tarmac. (That happened to me once! I fell asleep before the plane made it into the air.)

Day 14: Rocket Ship

(Full post for Day 14.)

Good thing the blender wasn't plugged in! Maybe Buddy the Elf could do a few sessions on Human Culture for the rest of the elves so mistakes like this don't happen. :)

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