Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 25: Pancakes!!!

A few weeks ago, we were having pancakes for dinner. The kids always love it when I make a few extra tiny ones with the end of the batter. It occurred to me that they looked like elf-sized pancakes. So, I made a bunch, threw them in a baggie, and threw the baggie into the freezer. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them yet, but I knew I HAD to something with them.

Last night, we had pancakes for dinner again. We really don't have pancakes that often, but the cold winter nights just call for comfort food. I knew it was time to put out the elf pancakes. I wish I had a tiny plate to put them on. Instead, I used a Christmas tree shaped ceramic dish that I got at Michael's. For a buck!!! I got a bunch in all the colors and I'm going to use them when we have a hot chocolate bar and when we make reindeer food. (Speaking of reindeer food, I have a special treat to show you at the end of this post.)

I stacked up a little pile of pancakes and plopped Clyde down next to them.

I don't know about you, but I'd LOVE to eat at the North Pole kitchen! What a wonderful time that would be! Ooooo, I should look around to see if there is a North Pole Kitchen Cookbook out there.

Again, Clyde couldn't keep his butt in place. I even tried electrical tape instead of scotch tape. I guess elves can fall prey to food coma, too. :)

Reindeer food surprise: Gold Sugar! It looks like gold glitter, but it's edible, so you don't poison the poor reindeer. Or whatever critters scamper through your yard. It will sparkle in the moon light when you sprinkle the reindeer food in the snow, (or grass), to attract the reindeer to your house. :)

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