Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 15: A new friend

A few weeks ago, before Thanksgiving, I stopped at Michael's with Katie and Matthew. They saw a stuffed penguin decoration and fell in love with it. They named him Peep. They hugged him and talked to him and spent the rest of the day talking to him. Let me get something straight. We didn't buy him! They pretended to talk to Peep on their imaginary cell phones! All day!

He was $25. I thought that was too much and that's not what I went into Michael's for anyway. Jump forward to Thursday, December 6th. Dan and I stopped by Michael's to find a replacement stocking for Matthew, (since we moved, we can't find his), and saw Peep on sale. Dan didn't even know about the whole thing with Peep and the kids. He just thought it was cute and would go well with the rest of our Christmas decorations. Now, Peep was on clearance and almost 50% off. Couldn't pass that up!

We left Peep in the trunk of the car until after the kids were asleep. Instead of just putting him out, I thought Clyde could introduce him.

We all know, from watching Elf, that raccoons are nasty creatures. Those awful raccoons ruined poor Peep's house. :) When the kids read the note in the morning, they quickly wrote a note back to Clyde to make sure he knew that Peep could stay! They were SOOO happy and excited to see Peep again! They couldn't wait for the day to be over, so they could hold him and play with him.  Because, of course, Clyde had to go back to the North Pole first!

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