Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 13: In an elf sleeping bag

It was late, and I had spend the day sleeping. The plush stockings kinda looked like elf sleeping bags to me. Clyde agreed. He climbed right in and got comfortable.

See the little hat sticking out? :) Here's a close up shot.

And here's the note that he left.

My favorite part is seeing the kids light up and enjoy whatever Clyde is up to. They thought it was so funny that he thought the stockings were sleeping bags. What's really funny is that the rest of the day, my 12 year old kept accidentally referring to the stockings as sleeping bags! And then she'd laugh at herself that the elf got her calling them sleeping bags! And my 8 year old was delighted that Clyde wanted to know why we hung up the sleeping bags. :) It was a quick and easy one that brought a lot of smiles.

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